Idea Pipe should have groups

Groups idea by nick nick 39 days ago

It would be really great if I could create my own personal Idea Pipe. This would allow me to gather ideas for my own personal projects. What does everybody else think? More

BMW needs to follow their own commericials

General idea by nick nick 6 days ago

BMW needs to get official with their support of consumer submitted ideas. They have commericials that say they listen to the consumer, however as one user of Idea Pipe has pointed out they do nothing to tune their engines for the consumer. BMW spend millions of dollars each year including oil changes with warrenties, including everything that could go wrong with the car under the warrenties they provide, they even have a package that will pay for new tires. So why don't they listen to the con... More

Twitter should become a microblogging protocol to turn a profit

Technology idea by nick nick 6 days ago

Recently while reading on of my favorite blogs, I happened across a one sentance idea by Scott Hanselman that I just had to share with the Idea Pipe users. I thought it was genius and a way for Twitter to become more than just a service and develop it self in to a true platform. Scott said, "I propose that we distribute Twitter into generalized spec for microblogging and just use RSS or Jabber for the transport. I think the very-fast-rev'ing Twitter clients would support it." I ... More

IdeaPipe should have a "Local" category

Wish List idea by lauren lauren 4 days ago

I think that when IdeaPipe users sign up, they should be able to enter their zip code and then whenever they sign in, their local area link, i.e. Philadelphia, would appear in the main nav. That way, users can post ideas that really don't warrant a national audience. For example, if someone had ideas on how to improve the horrendousness that is I-76. This might encourage other local banter and keep users interested and coming back to see if their local ideas have made any progress. Maybe use... More