Idea Pipe should have groups

Groups idea by nick nick 39 days ago

It would be really great if I could create my own personal Idea Pipe. This would allow me to gather ideas for my own personal projects. What does everybody else think? More

Barack Obama should be the next President of the US

Politics idea by tfike110 tfike110 27 days ago

We all know it, this country needs a change. The obvious answer for this change is Barack Obama. I believe he has the agenda that could lead this country in the right direction. Keeping jobs here! Improving the economy! Lowering gas prices! And getting our soldiers out of Iraq! Hillary Clinton should remove herself from the race so Barack can focus on the actual election against John McCain. McCain can't be President because he would not make any changes. He would follow the same agend... More

Let's Talk the Talk on IdeaPipe, and then Walk the Walk

Politics idea by Claire Claire 38 days ago

Some ideas are worth a dime a dozen, and some are worth billions in these modern times. There is quite a range. I’ve got an idea that won’t generate a fortune, but is worth the air we breathe. My idea is that the United States, as a top polluter, should step up its environmental protection measures. Under the current administration, it looks like we’re not even trying. We walked away from the Kyoto protocol, we stopped California from trying to control it’s air pollution and we let states su... More

Americans should adopt European work culture

Business idea by lauren lauren 32 days ago

As a 20-something female (ok, fine, slowly inching closer and closer to 30), I can easily look back on my professional life of the past 6ish years and wonder how I've gotten through them, with so little sleep. I'm awake at 6am in order to hit the gym, shower, grab some breakfast and commute to work, all before 8:30am. From 8:30 to somewhere between 5 and 6pm, its usually a nice mix and sometimes overlap of client-pleasing, meetings, deadlines, and inappropriate yet wonderfully entertaining, line... More

Hillary Clinton should Stay In The Presidential Race

Politics idea by nick nick 34 days ago

Hillary Clinton should stay in the presidential race until the national convention is over, because she has more experience than Obama and would do a better job at being president than Obama.  More

Baseball teams should all have salary caps.

Sports idea by jm365098 jm365098 34 days ago

Just months after Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees finalized a deal leaving A-Rod with enough currency to wipe his tush with five times per day for the rest of his life, I'm left to wonder what Baseball would be like with a salary cap for each team. What would things be like if all teams were on a fair playing field? One may argue that my question is bit extreme considering the Yankees are not the defending MLB champs, but guess who is? That's right, the Red Sox. These two teams are t... More

Vote Intelligent, Not Trendy

Politics idea by lauren lauren 17 days ago

I'm sick of hearing about McCain, Obama and Clinton. I'm sick of hearing people compare and contrast them. I'm sick of people trying to sway me one way or the other. I think that Americans should start researching the issues that they care about and look to stand behind a set of values they believe in - both publicly and privately - and not the person who is presenting them, or who MTV and all the other popular culture outlets push them to believe in. If the president of the United States beca... More

Ultimate Frisbee Should Become an Olympic Sport

Sports idea by Edelman Edelman 14 days ago

Ultimate Frisbee has had a bad rep for long enough. Back in the 1968 when the sport was created, it was played mostly by barefoot hippies who liked to partake in "herbal remedies" and "toss the bee around." Sadly, this connotation is still attached to the phrase "Ultimate Frisbee", even though in today's game, this couldn't be further from the truth. As most things that have been around for 40-some years, the sport has changed, even evolved. Now the sport is extreme... More

Link to submit ideas under each category

Big Idea idea by melinda melinda 34 days ago

For each category on Idea Pipe, there should be a button below the ideas on the page to submit an idea under that category (so the category would be pre-selected). Most users will probably come up with their own ideas while reading existing ideas in a category, so I think this would be useful and encourage users to submit more ideas. Example text: Submit a technology idea! More

United States should build more Nuclear Power Plants

World idea by nick nick 39 days ago

The United States reliance on coal power plants is dated, and is polluting the air. And needs to be reduce the restrictions on alternative power. Currently power sources like Nuclear Power, which can be a clean power source, require companies to jump through a web of regulations that makes the costs not worth exploring alternatives. The United States needs to join many of the European and Asian countries that are relying on Nuclear Power as their main source of clean-low-cost energy which... More