Idea Pipe should have groups

Groups idea by nick nick 39 days ago

It would be really great if I could create my own personal Idea Pipe. This would allow me to gather ideas for my own personal projects. What does everybody else think? More

Barack Obama should be the next President of the US

Politics idea by tfike110 tfike110 27 days ago

We all know it, this country needs a change. The obvious answer for this change is Barack Obama. I believe he has the agenda that could lead this country in the right direction. Keeping jobs here! Improving the economy! Lowering gas prices! And getting our soldiers out of Iraq! Hillary Clinton should remove herself from the race so Barack can focus on the actual election against John McCain. McCain can't be President because he would not make any changes. He would follow the same agend... More

Vote Intelligent, Not Trendy

Politics idea by lauren lauren 17 days ago

I'm sick of hearing about McCain, Obama and Clinton. I'm sick of hearing people compare and contrast them. I'm sick of people trying to sway me one way or the other. I think that Americans should start researching the issues that they care about and look to stand behind a set of values they believe in - both publicly and privately - and not the person who is presenting them, or who MTV and all the other popular culture outlets push them to believe in. If the president of the United States beca... More

Ultimate Frisbee Should Become an Olympic Sport

Sports idea by Edelman Edelman 14 days ago

Ultimate Frisbee has had a bad rep for long enough. Back in the 1968 when the sport was created, it was played mostly by barefoot hippies who liked to partake in "herbal remedies" and "toss the bee around." Sadly, this connotation is still attached to the phrase "Ultimate Frisbee", even though in today's game, this couldn't be further from the truth. As most things that have been around for 40-some years, the sport has changed, even evolved. Now the sport is extreme... More

iPhone should have a voice recorder

Technology idea by nick nick 19 days ago

The Apple iPhone should include a voice recorder in it. This would be very handy when you need to remember something important. Or you are sitting in front of the fridge tallying all the things you need at the store. More

The Pennsylvania Democratic Debate is a farce.

Politics idea by nick nick 26 days ago

The Pennsylvania Democratic Debate is a farce. That is right you herd me, it doesn't mean squat. Today is an important date in the democratic process. It is the Pennsylvania Democratic Debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama held at Drexel University. As I was watching them and flipping between reruns of Law and Order: SVU, it occurred to me that the debate was dry and mundane. Mostly because it wasn't a debate, it was just reiterating the talking points, that they have already ma... More

Apple should allow Adobe to develop Flash for the iPhone

Technology idea by lauckness lauckness 19 days ago

Many iPhone users have been eagerly anticipating the ability to view Adobe Flash content on the iPhone. Adobe, after announcing that they were "working with Apple" to get Flash on the iPhone clarified the statement saying, they are actually not – it would require permissions above and beyond those available with the iPhone SDK. iPhone users, including myself, have been spoiled by an incredible UI on the iPhone, yet confined to features like EDGE, no Exchange support (until June), and... More

Let's allow Steriods and HGH in professional sports.

Sports idea by tfike110 tfike110 28 days ago

What is the problem with allowing pro athletes to use additional resources, such as steroids, to play at an even higher level? I mean aren't we paying a lot of money to be entertained at these sporting events. I know I would have no problem watching an 6'7" athlete who weights 375lbs of solid muscle hit a home run every at bat or throwing a 150mph fastball. And how great would it be to see a Quarterback throw the football from endzone to endzone without even breaking a sweat? And wouldn... More

Ideapipe should have an edit feature.

Technology idea by tfike110 tfike110 24 days ago

I have posted a few ideas here on ideapipe. After revisiting my idea, I have noticed quite a few grammatical errors that I would like to correct. But I can't because Ideapipe does not have this feature. I think they should fix this, and allow its users to fix errors on their ideas.  More

BMW and other manufacturers should offer tuning, ease gas crisis

General idea by smed smed 11 days ago

In light of rapidly rising gasoline prices, it dawned on me that auto manufacturers could ease the gas crisis and help their loyal customers in the process by simply tuning their cars for maximum efficiency and performance. Now you might be wondering... don't they do that already? Well, I raise this issue as a loyal BMW owner who recently purchased a BMW 335i convertible. In buying the car, I actually took a step down from an M5, in part because of poor gas mileage. While I am happy with the car... More

Add a status or outcome mechanism to ideas

Ideas idea by smed smed 13 days ago

I think you should consider adding a status or outcome to an idea. It would probably make the most sense to limit it to groups and more specifically group owners. For example, I could setup a group for my company to which I point my existing customers and visitors to my home page. I would expect my customers to provide ideas on how I could improve my products, service and other offerings. In cases that make sense, I might want to incorporate their input into future product enhancements or make c... More