Idea Pipe should have groups

Groups idea by nick nick 39 days ago

It would be really great if I could create my own personal Idea Pipe. This would allow me to gather ideas for my own personal projects. What does everybody else think? More

Ultimate Frisbee Should Become an Olympic Sport

Sports idea by Edelman Edelman 14 days ago

Ultimate Frisbee has had a bad rep for long enough. Back in the 1968 when the sport was created, it was played mostly by barefoot hippies who liked to partake in "herbal remedies" and "toss the bee around." Sadly, this connotation is still attached to the phrase "Ultimate Frisbee", even though in today's game, this couldn't be further from the truth. As most things that have been around for 40-some years, the sport has changed, even evolved. Now the sport is extreme... More

Synthetic tracks should be standard at all horse racing facilities

Sports idea by tfike110 tfike110 7 days ago

The chase for the Triple Crown has once again been diminished by the death of another champion horse. On Saturday, Eight Belles tragically broke both ankles upon completion of her 2nd place finish at the Kentucky Derby. This major injury resulted in her euthanization. However, this sad tragedy could have been possibly prevented in Churchill Downs if the track was artificial instead of dirt. Reports by veterinarians at 34 tracks across the country between June 2007 and early this year showe... More

Let's allow Steriods and HGH in professional sports.

Sports idea by tfike110 tfike110 28 days ago

What is the problem with allowing pro athletes to use additional resources, such as steroids, to play at an even higher level? I mean aren't we paying a lot of money to be entertained at these sporting events. I know I would have no problem watching an 6'7" athlete who weights 375lbs of solid muscle hit a home run every at bat or throwing a 150mph fastball. And how great would it be to see a Quarterback throw the football from endzone to endzone without even breaking a sweat? And wouldn... More

Are you ready? Here comes the NFL draft. Oh wait, who cares?

Sports idea by tfike110 tfike110 26 days ago

You know what I enjoy about the NFL draft? Absolutely nothing. The NFL draft is the biggest waste of 2 days that I have ever seen. NFL teams spend these two days in there "war room" dissecting college players abilities/skills/upside/risks/etc in order to determine if they will be successful players. Then they choose these players and sign them to million dollar contracts (well at least for the early rounds). So basically they are getting paid big time dollars for accomplishments th... More

Each team should have a prize fighter

Sports idea by jm365098 jm365098 28 days ago

Let me start by saying that I love watching a bench clearing brawl as much as the next guy, but guys like Jose Reyes only act tough when standing behind the rest of the stinky Mets team (for those of you that don't remember this incident last year). For this reason I believe that in event of a scuffle every team should have a prize fighter and both teams should send them to the pitchers mound to square up like David and Goliath. Talk about soaring ticket sales! "Come out to the Phillies ... More